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Hybrid and remote working models have caused a very different work environment to emerge where innovation, adaptability and flexibility will be highly valued. Engagement as an individual and within teams will demand rigorous self-management on all levels to collaborate and participate successfully.

TimeSmart digital productivity program delivers the 5 fundamental productivity processes of planning, prioritisation, communication, delegation and collaboration. These productivity processes are implemented through MS Office 365 and are applicable to all levels of management and teams.

Business owners, managers and team leaders realise digital productivity skills are critical to achieving results. With the huge influx of technology, now is not the time to be left  behind. The purpose of business technology is to create great client experiences, improve team well-being and achieve desired outcomes for the business.

TimeSmart Digital Productivity Programs

TimeSmart Group
Live or Online

Creates a consistent digital productivity experience within teams to collaborate and support each other to
achieve results.

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TimeSmart Individual Online or Live

For the convenience of Business owners and teams, new or regionally based team members and independent contractors.

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TimeSmart Leaders 1:1 Online Coaching

Customised digital productivity strategies designed for Leaders and Business Owners to thrive in a Covid-19 and beyond new world of work.

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TimeSmart Graduate Power Up Online

Power Up is designed for existing TimeSmart graduate clients to boost their productivity skills to thrive in a hybrid and remote workplace.

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Our Ongoing Client Commitment

  • 6 weeks’ support online, <br>email or phone 6 weeks’ support online,
    email or phone
  • MS Teams or ZOOM<br>online coaching sessions MS Teams or ZOOM
    online coaching sessions
  • LinkedIn<br>videos and posts LinkedIn
    videos and posts
  • Access to<br>research articles Access to
    research articles

At Time Technology we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously.
Our TimeSmart Support Strategy – “The Difference that Makes the Real Difference”
is designed to give six weeks support and communication throughout your
TimeSmart experience. Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have.


TimeSmart Online Demonstration

It is difficult to visualise how digital productivity actually works, a solution we have designed is a 30-minute practical online demonstration for key stakeholders.

The objective is to show how the 5 fundamental productivity skills are fully implemented through the TimeSmart digital productivity processes and MS Office 365. It is simply to share what is possible and to assist in informed decision-making.

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Client Testimonials

Time Technology Group

Time Technology is delighted to have a team of leading facilitators and coaches who have improved the digital productivity of Senior Leaders and their teams over twenty years. Our facilitators have completed rigorous training and accreditation to ensure we provide our clients guaranteed productivity results.

Christine Petersen
Managing Director

Christine Petersen is a master in digital productivity, time management and workflow management solutions.

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Anthony McDonald

Anthony McDonald is an experienced international digital productivity facilitator and coach.

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