Asia means Big Bucks for SMEs… 9 Steps to Success

Friday was a good day for Australian Tourism – David Kosh announced on Sunrise that 100,000 Chinese tourists visited in February, he made the comment… “Small business should focus on how to flog things to these tourists” I’m not sure I would put it that way but I do totally agree with his view. Also … Continued

TO DO or not TO DO, a TO DO’s LIST… that is the question…

I came across some interesting comments by Richard Branson and Kevin Kruse as to the value of ‘To Do Lists’ and the Calendar… “Without to-do lists, I would use my time far less effectively, and have a lot less fun.” –Richard Branson “Highly successful people don’t have a to-do list, but they do have a … Continued

Time the Finite Resource

Effectively managing money in a business is critical to success yet managing time is a disaster, if we treated money the same as we treat time, bankruptcy would be guaranteed.  Sadly we do not attach the same value to time; we still spend so much time both in our professional and personal lives on non-value … Continued