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At Time Technology it is our pleasure to work with many Digital Productivity Champion companies, who clearly understand the intrinsic link between productivity, profitability and wellbeing. These companies are committed to providing excellent value to their clients and to creating vibrant team environments.

Working together to effectively to produce valuable results through the conservation of time, energy and effort…

As part of Sealite’s lean and continuous improvement program, we are constantly striving for best practice and opportunities for efficiencies. When we learnt about the TimeSmart Workshop and return on investment, it was an easy decision to make for our training spend. Anthony’s clear and concise training style made it simple for the group to follow along and adopt the changes. Being able to implement the learning immediately (during the training itself) was invaluable. We are embracing the process because it is achievable, simple and very effective.

Vicki Martin/Head of Global Human Resources/Sealite Pty Ltd


I have participated with my senior leadership team in the Time Technology course to improve productivity and the way to manage meetings, email, follow up and work scheduling. By making simple changes to the way in which you manage and prioritise work, it allows you to deal more effectively with all of the day to day demands in your office.
One feels in control of all aspects of the work and more free time to focus on leading and planning.

Wayne Buckingham / President Asian Pacific Operations / FRHI Hotels & Resorts


The TimeSmart approach has revolutionised how we operate, and has greatly increased our productivity and efficiency. It has helped our partners and staff to better prioritise, manage and process their emails and tasks, and focus on actually getting their high priority work completed without unnecessary delays or distractions. The Time Technology team has always been fantastic to work with, they are proactive, helpful and very knowledgeable in how
to best utilise workflow and collaboration tools to maximise outcomes.

Nick Brant / Chief Information Officer / BDO


We undertook extensive research to identify a time management tool that would provide a quantum step forward for our growing business. I am pleased to say that TimeSmart through Time Technology exceeded our expectations. It has increased the productivity & effectiveness at every level of our business, allowing our team to better prioritise and manage our workflows. Also impressive was the post training contact from Time Technology to make sure we were maximizing our ‘real time’ implementation when back at work.

Paul Ryan/Director/H2flow Hire


Surf Life Saving Queensland engaged TimeSmart to assist our staff who were feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their roles and environment and slaves to tools such as email inbox’s. The TimeSmart Productivity Program was a great investment for Surf Life Saving QLD. A majority of people who attended the training said it challenged their poor habits and empowered them with practical and hands-on techniques and tips. They especially were pleased to be able to action principles immediately during the training and see a quick return on their personal investment in their time. It is rewarding to see return on investment where the participants continue to apply the principles of the program and reap the benefits.

Christopher McGrath / Human Resources Manager / Surf Life Saving Queensland


After participating in Time Technologies external training I was very keen to have as many of our staff as possible exposed to the same learnings. From the small technical improvements with using Outlook to the wider views on dealing with email traffic in particular, the team at Woollam Constructions has now benefited in many ways. Designing our internal Time Management courses with Christine brought to the surface a number of associated issues that Christine helped work through and incorporated into our training sessions. It’s important that we and our staff focus on what’s important when the world keeps getting busier. Time Technology has certainly now given us the right tools to do so.

Craig Percival / Managing Director / Woollam Constructions


One of the biggest challenges in today’s workplace is keeping on top of the avalanche of emails. Time Technology workshops empower our people to better organise and respond to our stakeholder requests ultimately allowing us to focus our work on the important things by creating time to spend in high value areas. Ultimately we are much better positioned to respond to our members needs with the assistance of Time Technology.

Brad Reid / HR Business Partner / Australian Football League (AFL)


As an accounting firm, productivity and efficiency is critical in the way we conduct our business as our clients expect this level of service from us. We found with the current working environment our staff and ourselves were constantly bombarded with various mediums of communication within our working environment. We engaged Time Technology to assist our staff and leaders to learn to prioritise and manage their time in a fast paced, ever changing and demanding work environment. The experience has given our staff structure in what can be a chaotic and disruptive work day. The tools are practical and relevant to the software we utilise every day, so there wasn’t new software skills to learn but rather expose us to a unique way to utilise our current applications. With everyone utilising the same tools this has led to consistency in our approach as an organisation to manage the impact the internet and global communication is having on our workforce.

Katherine Patel / Partner / HLB Mann Judd


After the success of our initial session with one department, we ran other sessions with the entire office. TimeSmart has enabled our team to manage their time better, improve communication and contributes to better management of competing demands. We would recommend any business looking to improve efficiency to use this program.

Alicia Johncock/Marketing Manager/Frosty Boy Australia


I’ve first been in contact with TimeSmart solutions back in 2006.
Having enrolled myself to the Time Management training, it simply changed my life. The mix between guiding rules and the many tips and tricks already available in the operating system (Lotus Notes at the time), but unknown to most of the common users, can really make a huge impact on one’s productivity and peace of mind. Better prioritization, seamless execution, tenacious follow-up. In such a way that ever since, TimeSmart’s 4Ds strategy (Dump, Delegate, Decide When, Do it Now) became part of Schindler’s D.N.A. and as such we have been organizing these training on a systematic basis across South East Asia and China

Hugo Martinho / Human Resources Director / Schindler Asia Pacific India & Middle East | APME


CPA Australia’s Queensland member Services team have all undertaken the TimeSmart productivity training with Christine and Anthony at Time Technology. We are committed to improving the productivity of our staff so they are better positioned to deliver on our vision of being the world’s best member service organisation. Christine and Anthony’s training has assisted all of our team to better manage their workloads and be more responsive to our member’s needs

Richard Chapman / General Manager / Queensland CPA


“Time Technology workshops provided us with simple and highly effective ways to better manage our email, task lists, tasks and Outlook use. This has given us back invaluable time for the face to face work we do which is so critical in the world of schools and education. I have no hesitation in recommending these workshops to other educational institutions as a way of improving the productivity that really matters”

Cheryl Hamilton / Principal / Loreto College Coorparoo


The TimeSmart Productivity training was probably one of the most useful courses I have ever attended, and it has made an immediate improvement to my management of tasks and the volume of emails I deal with every day. Since completing the training, and for the first time ever, I am: • In control of my email in-box and sent box • Using my task list for keeping track of work to do • On top of deadlines • More effectively prioritising jobs • Feel much more in control of my work We have now had a number of staff members that have participated in this training and given great reviews.

Manager Coordination / Trade & Investment Queensland


Time management is critical in a policing environment, Police Unions deal with critical issues daily and sometimes hourly basis. With the TimeSmart process, we have found at least an extra hour every day, some of the staff’s inboxes have gone from thousands of emails to four or five. I highly recommend TimeSmart in regards to work performance improvement, better time management and increased morale.

Scott  Weber / President of Police Association of NSW


I use Time Technology on a daily basis not only to manage my work, but to find space in the day to reflect and think about how to value add to my organisation and team. Effective use of Time Technology ensures teams share responsibility for work and outcomes. My team has increased productivity and become more engaged with what’s genuinely important.

Bobbi Campbell / First Assistant Secretary / Indigenous Health Division Department of Health


Time Technology has empowered our people to effectively manage their workloads, helping us to evolve into a business that is proactive and focused on work that will help ensure the expectations of our clients are exceeded and our strategic objectives are met. In a fast paced industry such as ours, it is essential that our technology enables us to prioritise and plan on the spot. Time Technology are the experts in this field

Shannon Price / General Manager / Operations Labour Solutions Australia


I took TimeSmart about 3 years back and have been utilizing the methods taught till this day. Essentially, this training provided simple methods for taking control of your inbox in order to stay more organized, manage work better and for some people like me, enjoy the personal satisfaction of having Outlook remain clean. This training really helped me to learn many tips and tricks from Outlook which I otherwise would not have spent the time to research. The hands-on approach (using your own laptop in the class) was practical too as it allowed us to spend the time to tweak and setup our system in real time. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who needs a little more organization or discipline in the management of tasks and daily email.

Mark Browne / Director / Global Technology DFS Group


If there is one course you should send your staff on, it is the TimeSmart programme by Time Technology. It has completely transformed the productivity and happiness of our workforce.

Tom Ashworth / Principal / Sniper Capital Limited


We have been using Time Technology’s productivity processes on a daily basis since 2004 and the benefits have been fantastic. TimeSmart helps you organise your Inbox, Calendar and manage your Tasks. The time your company saves with these new levels of efficiency is invaluable. We believe in the product so much that all our team complete the training and is a great example of how a small business like ours can improve its productivity.

David Simpson / Co-Founder & Director / Team Building Asia


TimeSmart has been instrumental in helping me transition from “being busy” to being effective. New and improved relationships within my team, and a clear mind to focus on the tasks that will have the most impact on my goals have been the primary benefits.

Keith Moreau / Director / BlackRock


What Time Technology does is increase productivity through giving the entire workforce, in the case of Community Business, a process to plan, prioritize and manage work through the effective use of desktop technology. All of us are TimeSmart trained and as a direct result, our efficiency has increased – I would say 30%. With workforce productivity being a business imperative and employees wanting better work-life balance, this course helps both business and individuals regain control of their lives.I would highly recommend Time Technology to any business focused on performance.

Shalini Mahtani / MBE Founder & Advisor / Community Business


We’ve been working with Christine and her team since 2012 and have always found the TimeSmart training to be an excellent scheme and professionally presented, so much so that it now forms part of our staff induction programme. The skills our team learn really enable them to put them into practice immediately which is so important. And the feedback we get is always positive as the session is very interactive and they have their own training guide to take away as an ongoing resource. In our time-pressured industry it’s essential that our teams can manage their workload in the most productive way, and we’ve found TimeSmart to be a solution that has really helped us to achieve this.

Nicola Oldfield / Group Managing Director / GHC Asia


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