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Graduate Delegation & Collaboration

Program Benefits

• Uncover the best practice protocol for giving and receiving delegation
• Learn how to optimise resource management within the team
• Develop team accountability to deliver quality results on time through an effective follow-up process
• Maximise the use of collaborative technology
• Become an effective coach by giving real-time feedback to strengthen skills
• Discover how real-time delegation is an excellent coaching/learning process
• Understand the value of mindfulness in the reduction of rework and demotivation


TimeSmart Delegation & Collaboration is an effective planning and communication program that creates an excellent solution in complex organisations where top down delegation is no longer effective and a more collaborative approach is emerging.


TimeSmart Delegation & Collaboration is a three-hour workshop combining real world scenarios with hands-on technical and management experience.
It is a highly interactive program where participants are encouraged to challenge their delegation work practices in a complex work environment.

Target Group

Directors, Executives, Partners, Business Owners, Managers and team members who are graduates of the TimeSmart Productivity workshop.

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3 hours | 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

TimeSmart Delegation & Collaboration Course Outline

In an environment of rising expectations and fierce competition, highly developed skills in working with and through other people are extremely important. Today, we are expected to do more with less, which puts pressure on existing resources; this is a major cause of stress and disengagement.

The workshop will:

  • Challenge the myths of delegation; exploring why people don’t delegate or delegate more. It will create a clear understanding of the value of delegation as a leadership process to build skills and confidence in the execution of work.
  • Explain how to create an environment in which people want to maximise their success—with a focus on contribution and engagement. TimeSmart creates a common prioritisation language to ensure resource management across the team, which encourages effective contribution to results.
  • Explore how technology can assist in a consistent feedback process to clearly communicate work-in-progress and changing priorities.
  • TimeSmart enhances coaching through real time performance discussions, this improves the quality of interactions to assist in effective on time delivery.
  • Through the TimeSmart delegation and collaboration process, team members will clearly understand the ‘learn by doing’ method, which is especially beneficial in multi-generational teams. Collaboration is about working together as a team to achieve the desired outcomes and maximise the available skills and work styles.

Workshop conclusion:

Learning has no value unless applied. Participants will develop an implementation plan to ensure the skills and knowledge they have gained is successfully applied back into the work environment.

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