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TimeSmart Leaders Program – Online

Customised digital productivity strategies designed for Leaders and Business Owners to thrive in a Covid-19 and beyond new world of work.


TimeSmart is a digital productivity program designed to gain the best return on investment of our most valuable resource – TIME. This is done through the combination of essential digital productivity skills and the dynamic use of MS Office 365 technology.


TimeSmart ONLINE Individual program sessions are conducted as follows –

  • 2 x 2-hour online productivity coaching sessions over 2 consecutive days
  • 1-hour online consolidation session 2 weeks after the initial coaching sessions.


  • 2 x 1-hour additional online productivity strategy sessions with our MD Christine Petersen. These sessions focus on how to take a holistic productivity approach to work and life. Christine has extensive experience in working with senior leaders across Asia.


Business Owners, Leaders, Partners and Senior Managers who aspire to encourage their teams to work in a way that creates trust and shared outcomes.


Online one-to-one coaching sessions are conducted via MS Teams or Zoom. TimeSmart customisation strategies are a key factor in the success of this program.


  • Significantly increase  time spent on activities to match strategic priorities
  • Create a desire to champion technology usability to drive change
  • Develop a diligent real-time process to triage time wasted on non-value work
  • Have consistent digital productivity processes to motivate teams in a hybrid workplace
  • Celebrate success, encourage the team to take responsibility and ownership
  • Adopt a communication strategy to build relationships through interactional discussions.

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Duration – Five hours online coaching | In addition an optional two hours online coaching.

Program Content and Structure

TimeSmart Digital Productivity Leaders program content is designed to share how to
self-manage workflows to achieve results by leading from both the front and the back with a collaborative leadership style.

Session 1

TimeSmart Core Planning Processes

  • Value Matrix – an effective work filtering model linked to results and outcomes. Applying this value analysis identifies specific strategic actions to focus on doing the most important work consistently
  • Proactive Planning – the ability to manage a visible, dynamic workflow in a complex, fluid and constantly changing environment. Proactive planning is key in the sustainability of good-decision making as to how to invest time
  • Real-time PrioritisationTimeSmart prioritisation is in real-time not lag time creating a visible workflow plan which eliminates the constant double handling of work
  • Dynamic Workflow – an agile planning process designed to address the challenges of hybrid work. Builds resilience to manage constant change through rapid recall of workflow to move in and out of the plan
  • Visible Workflow – clear understanding of why a digital centralised visible, dynamic and flexible taskflow consistently contributes to actual results and outcomes
  • Managing Mind Clutter – mental stress is caused by clutter in our brains. Digital productivity processes deliver rapid retrieval of information and creates valuable thinking time.

TimeSmart Technology Setup

Clients will have hands-on experience in making key setup changes to MS Office 365 technology to create a central strategic planning tool for both individual work and teamwork.

TimeSmart Flexible Workflow

In this session participants will learn to a apply a rigorous, agile flexible task planning process to manage the constantly changing work demands.

  • In a hybrid workplace TimeSmart encourages discussion and guidance for changing and conflicting priorities caused by the speed and volume of interactions
  • Encourage an environment of completion focused on results and outcomes to develop a strong awareness of action and accountability
  • Manage all incoming work against the existing plan and make effective prioritisation decisions in real-time to gain control.

TimeSmart Email and Chat Management

Clients will have a clear understanding of a one-touch integrated email management process to effectively prioritise and manage e-communications.

  • Consistently work with an empty inbox, sent items, strong folder structure and taskflow. Create a circular email workflow process to manage all four components of email activity
  • Significantly reduce the time wasted managing and massaging email by having a rapid retrieval process and strong focus on action generated from email
  • Apply technology functionality to speed up the processing of email. Review the integration of the TimeSmart planning process with all hand-held devices.

Session 2

TimeSmart Pulling It Together

This session will demonstrate how TimeSmart is a combination of integrated digital productivity processes to manage work from all sources.

  • Implement a completion process to know what has been done and what needs to be done moving forward
  • Understand how the individual and team components of MS Office 365 work together, know what tools to use and when.

TimeSmart Communication

Covid-19 has severely impacted effective communication, many conversations have become transactional and not interactional. TimeSmart digital productivity processes are –

  • Designed to improve the effectiveness of communication, the skill of a good communicator is to be understood
  • Understand how different communication tools deliver more effective outcomes. Address the virtual meeting, email and chat overload to regain significant wasted time
  • Ability to manage discussions in a multi-communication environment where relationships are critical to results.

TimeSmart Delegation and Collaboration

In an environment of rising expectations and fierce competition, good skills in working with and through other people are vitally important.

TimeSmart delegation process is designed to remove the top-down mindset of delegation to create a consistent process. A process where 50% of ownership is accepted by the person giving the work and 50% by the person receiving the work, collaboration in action.

  • Use a consistent delegation and collaboration process to empower teams to have more control over their work
  • Understand how TimeSmart delegation becomes a proactive tool to develop the skills of team members in real-time
  • Implement a best practice protocol to optimise resource management within the team to achieve effective results.

Session 3

TimeSmart Review

A review discussion to assist with what is working and challenges that may have occurred over the period between the two initial coaching sessions.

  • Designed to review and reinforce both the TimeSmart digital productivity processes and the use of MS Office 365
  • Discuss other technology packages such as CRM, Accounting and DMS software systems and how they fit with the TimeSmart digital productivity processes
  • Review various Apps being used and how they fit together. Discuss how TimeSmart digital productivity processes work with the concept of Bring You Own Devices (BYOD).

All sessions are supported by a comprehensive workbook. It is an excellent resource to assist in the successful application of the learning.

Additional Two Productivity Sessions

In these two sessions, which are optional, Christine Petersen will share a holistic productivity approach to hybrid working and how we integrate the various parts of our lives. These sessions are customised to the clients needs and include –

  • Aspirations and challenges in taking a proactive approach to achieve the desired investment of time across the various parts of our lives
  • Understand the Busyness trap – proud of it, defined by it, drowning in it and not willing to change. Strategies to achieve having clear decision-making abilities to invest time where we choose to get the best return
  • Value our interactions and take the time to be present in communications. Motivate others to become involved and feel valued
  • Taking advantage of the Covid-19 disruption to reimagine what a true collaborative work environment will look like as we move forward.

Christine Petersen has significant productivity coaching experience working with Senior Leaders in multinational companies across Asia. These leaders manage multiple teams in various countries and value the investment of time more than money. Time is money!

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