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Graduate Meeting Management

Program Benefits

• Encourage good decision making around the value of meetings
• Develop best practice meeting behaviors
• Engage in more rigorous use of technology
• Develop a clear understanding of different types of meetings
• Have a consistent meeting preparation process
• Achieve a high level of motivation and momentum to deliver results
• Create a real-time phone conference meeting protocol


The TimeSmart Meeting Management Program is designed to help professionals effectively navigate the challenges of meetings through harnessing the power of existing technology.


TimeSmart Meeting Management is a three-hour workshop combining real world scenarios with hands-on technical and management experience.

It is a highly interactive program where participants are encouraged to challenge their work practices and engage in the strategic use of technology in order to ensure the effectiveness of internal and external meetings

Target Group

Directors, Executives, Partners, Business Owners, Managers and team members who are graduates of the TimeSmart Productivity workshop.

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3 Hours | 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

TimeSmart Meeting Management Course Outline

This program is designed to effectively address the challenges of meetings in a complex work environment. Meetings are considered to be the No 2 time culprit in wasting effective time, creating demotivation and causing stress in the busy world of work.

TimeSmart Meetings is a three-hour workshop, which provides individuals with an effective planning protocol to help teams thrive in an ever changing environment, creating a high level of commitment to outcomes and results.

The workshop will cover:

  • Strategies for reducing time in meetings through a clear focus on outcomes using the TimeSmart Filter
  • How to prioritise the value of time invested in meetings against the value of all other work through the visibility of dynamic workflow processes.
  • How to harness the power of technology through a more rigorous approach to the Calendar and other technology for planning and execution. This will create a transparent approach to meetings that can be clearly communicated and shared within and across teams.
  • The various types of meetings and planning processes to ensure different outcomes. The workshop will also explain how to increase the effectiveness of phone conferences by applying a best practice agreed protocol, which is especially relevant when working in different time zones.
  • Creating clear model for costing meetings to change the value paradigm of the investment of time, allowing for good decision making. This model opens up to possibility of other solutions in lieu of meetings by understanding the technology that can be used.

Workshop Conclusion:

Learning has no value unless applied. Participants will develop an implementation plan to ensure the skills and knowledge they have gained is successfully applied back into the work environment.

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