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Half Day Public Workshop

Program Benefits

• Gain an extra hour of productive time per day
• Effectively plan and prioritise work in real-time
• Harness the power of existing technology
• Increase time to focus on high value work
• Achieve centralised planning with total visibility of all work
• Implement the one touch e-mail process to achieve e-mail liberation
• Included 1 on 1 follow up coaching to ensure customisation and implementation


The TimeSmart Productivity Program  helps professionals be agile, nimble and flexible in the decision making process around the best return on their investment of time.


TimeSmart is a half-day workshop combining hands-on technical experience with proven productivity and time management processes.
It is a highly interactive program where participants are encouraged to challenge their work practices and engage in the strategic use of technology.

Includes 1 on 1 follow up coaching session to ensure customisation and implementation.

Target Group

Directors, Executives, Partners, Business Owners, Managers and team members who understand the importance of working smarter and faster to achieve consistently effective results.

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TimeSmart Half Day Course Outline

Unit 1 – TimeSmart Core Planning Processes

At the conclusion of this unit participants will have a clear understanding of the key planning processes and how they link together as a platform for productivity.

Proactive Planning: the ability to manage a dynamic workflow with constantly changing priorities. Individuals will develop the skill of responding rather than reacting.

Prioritisation: a planning process that is driven by the value of work contributing to results, linked with a real-time work filtering process at the point of entry to ensure the best return on investment of time.

Dynamic Workflow: create a centralised workflow, which manages all work, rather than a decentralised workflow. This planning process allows for prioritising both meeting and task work together in real time.


Unit 2 – TimeSmart Technology Set Up

It is estimated that only 20% of technology is used effectively. This unit is designed to engage and excite participants into the proposition of enhanced productivity through technology.

At the conclusion of this unit participants will be able to make key set-up changes to all versions of Microsoft Outlook, enabling it to become a central strategic planning tool. Ideally, the participants are able to use their own Online Outlook profiles to make these changes.


Unit 3 – TimeSmart Agility Execution Process

After completing this unit participants will be able to link the prioritisation process to the technology and clearly understand the value of a visible workflow.

The focus is on the usability and integration of technology to create a visible plan to adjust and readjust the time investment. The TimeSmart completion process creates a strong sense of motivation and momentum, which reduces stress and puts you from being overwhelmed to in control.


Unit 4 – TimeSmart One Touch E-mail Management Process

At the conclusion of this unit participants will have a one touch integrated e-mail management process, which will guarantee consistently working from an empty inbox, empty sent items, strong task flow and manageable folder lists.

This process is unique to Time Technology and has been developed and tested in the most rigorous e-mail driven markets in the APAC Region. Clients are consistently amazed at the simplicity of this process and how time effective it is in managing e-mail.



Workshop Conclusion

Learning has no value unless applied. Participants will develop an implementation plan to ensure the skills and knowledge they have gained is successfully applied back into the work environment.


How We Do It

The workshop is supported by a comprehensive workbook specifically designed for each version of Microsoft Outlook that participants will use throughout the session. This workbook is an excellent resource to assist in the successful application of learning.

TimeSmart is not a keystroke training program, it is a leadership productivity program using all versions of Microsoft Outlook and maximising other technology. The workshop is effective for both technically advanced users and the less experienced alike.

Our Ongoing Client Commitment


At Time Technology we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously. We have an ongoing commitment to ensuring you receive ample support and communication from us throughout your Time Technology experience. Our team is always to here help and answer any questions you may have.


TimeSmart Productivity Programs


Half Day Public Workshop

For the convenience of small businesses, individuals and new team members.


In-House Workshop

For businesses looking to create a team productivity experience together.


Senior Manager Coaching

Customised 1 on 1 coaching for Senior Managers and Directors.



Ideal for large organisations looking to leverage productivity business wide.


Graduate Program

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Series Package

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